“The Art of Harvesting”

May 3-7, Training Online

Join us in developing and deepening your skills in how we can shift meetings, convenings and events from extractive to emergent through the practice of ‘Harvesting’.

Harvesting – the practice of listening, sense making and taking wise action collectively

Over one week we will be inspired from stories, teachings, coaching and practice with participants from around the world who also care about how and why we come together in our work.

Practitioners of all levels welcome

You are invited to bring your wisdom and experience to share, and also your burning questions and beginners mind.

If you have experienced collective intelligence, participatory processes and methodogies, hosting conversation you’re invited to come deepen your knowledge, share your learnings and co-create a community of practitioners.


Take your practice to the next level by immersing yourself in a participatory experience where we explore the different elements and formats of Harvesting.

The flow of the week is:

  • Three 4 hour online sessions Monday, Wednesday, Friday (on Zoom)
  • Small group coaching Tuesday
  • All day Knowledge Café and Open SpaceThursday
  • Always same timing: 7:00-11:00 PDT |9:00-1:00CDT| 10:00-2:00EDT |4:00-8:00CET
    (includes breaktimes)

Download Program as .ics to add to Outlook, Google or Apple Calendar etc.


We want to make this training accessible, so we are offering different tickets options. Please choose the one that works best for your situation, if you need help, please get in contact.

Technical Accessibility

If you would like to attend and need assistance to be able to use the technology, please contact us to explore options for support.

Meet the Team

Experience the Art of Harvesting with the support of a team of experienced facilitators with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We share a passion for Learning and Harvesting!

Bob-e Simpson Epps

Bob-e Simpson Epps

Trauma specialist, facilitator, coach and builder of relationships using focused conversations to bring people, organizations and systems le

Chris Corrigan

Chris Corrigan

Chris is a global steward of the art of hosting and harvesting community of practice.

Jakob Kohlbrenner

Jakob Kohlbrenner

Jakob is a visual facilitator and passionate harvester always seeking for news ways to surface deeper layers of insight and learning.

Marcela Sotela Odor

Marcela Sotela Odor

Experienced facilitator focusing on participatory leadership practices and visual language

Paul Messer

Paul Messer

Design thinking, visual thinking through the lens of Art of Hosting and vice versa

Tracy Chaplin

Tracy Chaplin

Co-stewarding the global art of hosting & harvesting community of practice

Viola Tschendel Clark

Viola Tschendel Clark

Viola works as a strategic harvester, graphic facilitator, and organizational artist to support collaborative learning and reflected action.

Story Capture

We are inviting members of the global Art of Hosting community are gathering stories about harvesting practice from around the world.

We will be using these stories to understand more deeply what the practice of harvesting looks like across the world.

You are invited to share one or more stories. Make them short and specific, as if we were gathered in a pub or a cafe or around a fire sharing our experiences together.

We are interested in all kinds of stories! Tell as many as you like.

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